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Within any large-sale, complex organisation there exists a vastly interactive range of event planning, space planning, resource management, timetabling and scheduling activities that will always occur with varying degrees of waste and inefficiency. EventMAP’s extensive experience, research-based tools and workplace solutions provide a proven approach to optimising these activities in a way that can save vast amounts of money – which can easily run into tens of millions of pounds of annual savings within extremely large organisations.

We pride ourselves on delivering superior products and providing partnership-based, made-to-fit solutions for our clients.

We make a point of employing the brightest, so you receive the best.

Our experienced team has a track record in providing the highest levels of consultative and technological support – ensuring clients receive the best possible service and solutions.

EventMAP’s Strategic Partners


WaND are a specialist property and procurement consultancy with a highly-experienced team whose expertise lies in managing and transforming the Government estate. They work within organisations to understand, at a strategic level, how large and complex property holdings support and service business activities.

EventMAP’s partnership with WaND has created a unique service for large public sector organisations. Combining EventMAP’s analysis skills with WaND’s procurement and property expertise enables procurers of estate and infrastructure solutions to avail of a highly streamlined approach to establishing precisely validated specifications and requirements, developing and testing masterplans and business cases, and identifying and exploiting opportunities – right through to ensuring seamless project delivery.

Customer Plus

Successful businesses take a balanced approach to the customer management lifecycle recognising the need for both winning the business of new customers and the hearts and minds of existing customers. Customer Plus is a niche consultancy which operates across this lifecycle with multi-disciplinary services including customer insight, strategic planning, customer journey mapping, marketing communications management, learning and development and evaluation.

Customer Plus partners with EventMAP to apply its customer, management skills to large scale change programmes where customers are the end client’s employees. Combining EventMAP’s analytical skills and Customer Plus’ customer management skills ensures the rational business case for change is matched with the emotional support for change.