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We provide elegant solutions to complex problems in universities, the public sector and large organisations.

EventMAP provides tailored software and consultancy packages that enable large organisations to optimise every facet of their event planning, space planning, resource management, timetabling and scheduling activities. Our solutions, which optimise the complex interactions between these activities and create significant and lasting increases in operational efficiency, have been built around a combination of on-the-ground experience and powerful, flexible software tools.

Workplace Optimisation through Estate Transformation

Find out how EventMAP delivered optimisation within the headquarters building of a large public sector body in central London by analysing the opportunity and successfully creating effective workplace change.

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Lancaster University: using Optime Scheduling Cloud in the UK and Ghana.

Ian Denny, Head of Student Registry at Lancaster University and Daniel Kwofie, Academic Coordinator at Lancaster University’s Ghana Campus in Accra talk about their practical experiences with implementing EventMAP’s Optime Scheduling Cloud platform within their university timetabling.

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Products designed to give you more flexibility with better results.

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The latest news from EventMap
EventMAP finishes space utilisation survey at King’s
EventMAP finishes large-scale space utilisation survey at King’s.

We’ve just finished a big utilisation survey project at King’s College London. 

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EventMAP completes custom Timetabler implementation for ICAS.

As we’ve recently finished our project for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, it’s definitely time for a news update.

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KTP Best of the Best Awards – photo update

Photo update: EventMAP’s Simon Kingston at the 2019 KTP Best of the Best Awards.  

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