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EventMAP gets a commission from
Channel 4


We’ve always been keenly aware of the applicability of our optimisation technologies outside our core higher education market and over the last few years we’ve been exploring opportunities within the wider commercial and industrial sector – which so far has included work with Airbus and a significant number of large public sector projects within organisations such as the NHS. Effectively, our years of research in optimisation algorithms have shown that any large-scale business or organisational process can made more efficient using the right tools and methodology – and this clearly has the potential to be a huge growth area.

And on that note, we have some great news to start 2018 at EventMAP: a new proof-of-concept project for Channel 4 within the field of advertising scheduling optimisation. Here’s what they had to say:

Channel 4 has engaged the help of EventMAP in a proof of concept to support the channel’s advertising spot automation software. Channel 4, with the help of Nottingham University, developed a software algorithm which facilitates scheduling of advertising spots that come with a variety of business and compliance constraints across its portfolio of channels. In the dynamic world of advertising, niche software and algorithms that support the channel’s business requires specialist skill which we believe EventMAP can help with.

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Image: Matt Brown (CC BY 2.0)