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Space. Resources. People. Activities. All of these elements need to be balanced to run an organisation effectively. Why? Because using a schedule-centric approach allows you to identify and focus on the demands placed on your estate and how best to meet them. More often than not, perceived problems in an organisation are not the actual, core problems – and solutions built around perceptions don’t deliver quality or sustainable long-term change.

Our Smarter Scheduling services allow you to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and points for improvement, and introduce highly sophisticated automation to reduce manual workloads for administrators and end users. They give you full oversight on how well your organisation’s ecosystem is running as a whole and allows you to make changes when and where necessary.

EventMAP’s solutions have been designed to be sustainable beyond the initial consultancy and implementation phase. We offer a long-term partnership model, delivering ongoing solution monitoring by our service team and the implementation of our business management tools to manage daily operational needs such as resource and room booking and management, training, course and activity planning and scheduling, utilisation monitoring and growth/change modelling and planning. Our software team is also available to deliver training, support and planning advice to your administrative teams and end users.
Smarter Working

Smarter Working is an approach to workplace optimsation that introduces new working practices, tools and communication methods to increase productivity and efficiency, introduce stronger, more streamlined working practices, and bolster working culture. The introduction of Smarter Working can realise a host of benefits, including better communication and team working, faster decision making, increased transparency and more efficient and effective use of space.

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Smarter Estates

Smarter Estates is a strategic analysis, modelling, design and implementation programme that addresses the space types and functions of an estate. Fixed desks, resource storage and activity-to-space assignments are giving way to more flexible, collaborative working methods and space use. Smarter Estates solutions can enable staff to function more efficiently and interactively and, on a macro level, allow the overall planning of space to become massively more cost-efficient through improved use of existing space and greater transparency around projected-versus-actual space requirements.

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Smarter Training

Smarter Training offers in-depth analysis of your training requirements and highlights opportunities for improvement in space allocation and use, trainer management and attendance (DNA) waste monitoring. Smarter Training can deliver optimised scheduling practices and new approaches to resource allocation. Supported by our training management software, administrative load can be drastically reduced, trainer satisfaction and engagement increased, and greater transparency around planning and requirements introduced.

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