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Create flexible, needs focused timetables.

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Align your space and utilisation strategies.

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  • Resource Management & Planning
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We provide elegant solutions to complex problems.

EventMAP provides tailored software and consultancy packages that get right to the core of timetabling, scheduling, resource and space planning issues within academic and training institutions. Our solutions have been designed in conjunction with end-users to provide our clients with powerful, flexible tools that can help create significant increases in operational efficiency.

Seat planning and allocation just became easier than ever in EXAM.

EXAM now includes a visual seating plan editor that takes the pain out of allocation and planning. Assign students, create room layouts and assign students to specific seats.

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Our REMAP service is helping higher education institutions rationalise space and improve scheduling.

Eventmap have recently been working with a number of institutions, including the University of Sussex, to analyse space and resource needs, and balance them against delivery of an optimised timetable.

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Products designed to give you more flexibility with better results.

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The latest news from EventMap
Research & Development Grant from Invest NI

Eventmap Limited has received an Invest NI Grant for Research and Development, supporting company innovation in services, products and processes...

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PATAT 2016

PATAT is a biennial conference that serves as a forum for an international community of researchers, practitioners and vendors of computer-aided timetable generation.

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LU Ghana
Ghana here we come

LU Ghana, Lancaster University’s branch campus in Accra, is set up to be among the first users of Event 2. This August, Eventmap will be travelling there to introduce Event 2.

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