Planning of your future organisational requirements through modelling, visualisation and scenario generation.

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Understanding how existing usage can be better configured to allow for great flexibility, improved delivery and better usage of all underlying assets and resources. Assisted by functionality from the Optime Suite, this service can provide significant cost savings within the organisational strategic planning cycle.

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Optimised planned resource

Scenario modelling of future requirements based on current operational need and developing strategic plans. Visualisation of resource requirement and associated schedule of usage in terms of constraints, preferences and quality of delivery. Projected savings and creation of efficiencies through optimised usage of all planned for resources.

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Flexible workplace optimisation

Visualisation of how working environments can be created balancing efficient usage of resources with new flexible ways of working. Analysis of hybrid working models and how these can be delivered while maximising use of existing and planned for resources. Scenario modeling of optimised working environments and analysis of key quality delivery metrics and impact of change.

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Best use of assets, people and equipment

Analysis of utilisation within current operational environment. Identification of constraints, best practice, quality e.g. fairness and well being within delivery. Modelling to allow investigation of how utilisation can be increased while maintaining and increasing quality within delivery.

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EventMAP has significantly reduced the time we spent creating our ERIC return. The administrative burden of collating all of the data has also become so much simpler. This solution is exactly what we need, and have been waiting for.

Irene Pail-Semenov
Head of Asset Management, CNWL NHS Foundation
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