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Real-time Feedback & Intelligence on Returns
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Optime ERIC, driving efficient, transparent and accurate real-time data in NHS estates

Manual estate returns information collection can be cumbersome and can produce misleading inaccuracies. ERIC provides simplified, time saving digital processes that achieve more accurate real-time overviews of trust performance.

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Effective support for the full returns process

ERIC guides you from core data capture right through to the submission and verification of returns. During submission ERIC highlights any exceptions that occur, which can then be amended. And at all times, live return progress is shown on the home dashboard.

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Real-time feedback and intelligence

ERIC provides real-time overviews of all aspects and phases of the delivery population process, including when and how long until the return is due, the sites being reported on, how they are being reported and the status of each question.

Synchronised integration with NHS Connected

Working with our partners at ASCKEY, ERIC is fully connected to the NHS Digital API allowing for direct submission of all responses. During synchronisation you can view real-time progress sent from NHS Digital. You can also leave the submission portal and return to the application at any stage to see how it is progressing.

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Always in-line with NHS Digital guidelines

ERIC adapts to stay consistent with the latest NHS Digital guidelines on submissions. Recently this has included the new annual requirement of backlog maintenance submission to help the NHS get to grips with the national backlog deficit at a granular level and feeds into Model Hospital.

Automated responses

Once core data has been loaded and questions have been configured, the user can quickly see auto-suggested responses based on NHS defined algorithms. A detailed trace of how the value was reached is also provided for full transparency.

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Import, export and analyse your data

All questions can be imported to, exported from, and rolled over each year to save re-entry of core data. Reporting provides key metrics on how an estate is shaping up for the submission including a year-on-year comparison of all responses for all buildings/sites as well as the much-needed real-time reflection of Model Hospital metrics.

The Optime Support Centre is your portal to gain fast technical assistance from our team. You also have access to our self-help knowledge base covering topics such as getting started and FAQs.

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EventMAP has significantly reduced the time we spent creating our ERIC return. The administrative burden of collating all of the data has also become so much simpler. This solution is exactly what we need, and have been waiting for.

Irene Pail-Semenov
Head of Asset Management, CNWL NHS Foundation
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