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A powerful examination planning and automated scheduling solution

Produce fully scheduled and resourced examination timetables with Exam, our advanced auto-scheduling solution.

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Intelligent auto planning and scheduling

Exam’s cutting-edgeAI-based scheduling engine helps you achieve fast, flexible and accurate timetabling solutions.

And also provides the ability to model the delivery of examination sessions of varying constraints, multiple times per year.

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Planning to publishing to delivery

Exam supports the full scheduling process. From the import of students enrolment to exam delivery, including invigilation management and attendance monitoring.

Draft publishing is also supported and can be shared with different stakeholders across multiple locations, with notifications of changes.

Putting students first

Exam principally has student satisfaction in mind. Each student profile is considered to create the best personal exam schedule possible for all, including seating plans and accessibility or alternative requirements.

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Schedules built around constraints

Exam helps ensure schedules work around your invigilator and venue capacities.

Exam uses constraints and a survey tool to reach ideal invigilator schedules designed around their availability and workload.

Various room properties such as fitting, utilisation, splitting and proximity are considered when creating schedules.

Decision support

Gain assistance to maintain optimum Exam schedules:

Violation Alert
Fix clashes in your live schedule by altering highlighted violations (including rooms, staff, groups, students, courses and modules). Users are also alerted if they attempt to introduce a new event with a violation.

Exam suggests new solutions when making changes to seating allocations, invigilator schedules or time and venue changes.

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Import, export and build the Exam model

Exam checks data validation on import to ensure it is complete, accurate and ready for scheduling. Make data edits at anytime via a very rich data management tool with bulk editing.

Quickly and easily build models from your data at regular times of the year. There is also built-in reporting to bring further meaning to your data.

The Optime Support Centre is your portal to gain fast technical assistance from our team. You also have access to our self-help knowledge base covering topics such as getting started and FAQs.

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Lancaster is honoured by both the support and service that’s been provided by EventMAP. The training times are basically non-existent and the service level agreement is next to none; response times are excellent.

Ian Denny
Head of Student Registry, Lancaster University
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