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Plan, allocate and manage accommodation with ease

A centralised environment for all users involved in managing accommodation. Configurable workflows guide administrators with automated and decision assisted allocation processes and tools. As well as providing user friendly access and control for accommodation managers, housekeeping and occupants.

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Planning accommodation occupancy

Plan and schedule usage around occupant requirements and accommodation profiles. This is driven by captured user data such as type, preferences and current status (checking-in, checking-out) and accommodation constraints such as holidays, room-features, rental terms and price bands.

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Assist user insight with accommodation data

List accommodation type, features and amenities, along with photographs and maps. In addition, all room information is used to drive various operational solutions that provide a smooth running of your accommodation service. Room information can easily be configured, either through a management screen, or imported in bulk.

Flexible allocation solutions

Ease your allocation process with the following tools:

Accommodation is automatically matched to suit users identified needs set in their preferences.

Manual Allocation
For manual distribution such as high priority users needing specific requirements.

You can allow users to search for and choose their own accommodation.

A user ballot process is also supported.

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All-in-one accommodation management

Management of the full accommodation service workflow including:

  • Client payment
  • Arrivals and departures
  • Additional user services
  • Housekeeping and inspections
  • Notifications

Improve user experience with the client portal

You can give users the ability to:

  • Manage their details and preferences
  • See their rooming allocation or search for their own
  • View and accept terms/licence details
  • Make rental deposit or payments, and see any financial charges accrued
  • Request additional services

Accommodation client portal
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Financial tracking and reports

Financial charges accrued by users can be viewed, sorted, filtered and reported as required by administrators. Data can be specifically extracted and imported into your financial system. This information is timestamped to assist in the management and tracking of financial data, and ensures data is not re-exported in error.

The Optime Support Centre is your portal to gain fast technical assistance from our team. You also have access to our self-help knowledge base covering topics such as getting started and FAQs.

Use case examples
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Organisations use Accommodation to manage and plan employee overnight stays or temporary relocations.

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University and College Courses

In educational environments,Accommodation is used to manage and plan solutions for student residence.

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Optimise your accommodation management