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A centralised environment to manage the complete student placement lifecycle

Bring all of your institutional data on students, placement providers and tutors together while managing and tracking opportunity progress.

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Complete placement management workflow

From opportunity listing, to student application, to interview stages, through to on-placement task tracking and attendance monitoring. All made simple and delivered in real-time throughPlacement.

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Keep track of all your placement positions

Placement has built in tracking for:

  • Provider opportunity listings
  • Student applications
  • Tutor site visits
  • Student placement progress
  • Attendance

Put Placement to work with auto-allocate

Placement saves you time and effort by doing some of the thinking for you. Auto-allocate assigns students to potential placement opportunities based on programme, level of study and a variety of allocation rules and user-defined constraints.

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Easing the process with decision support

Helping providers create an application, and guiding students through the self-apply process:

Manual Allocation
Choose a suitable position for any student based on their programme of study and year group

Violation Alert
Be alerted to any allocation rule or constraint violation when deciding on a suitable student position

Placement can suggest suitable positions for any student, based on configured rules and constraints

Cloud sync, up-to-date access for everyone

Placement's cloud-based platform provides convenient access and real time information for students, staff and providers. Keep all parties informed with a configurable notification system for all stages in the placement management process, including application updates and task assignments. There is also cloud-based document management, personalised calendars and messaging.

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Import, export and analyse your data

Full access to add, update and retrieve data is essential to enable a quick and easy on-boarding process and real-time integration with multiple software systems. The system includes full validation to ensure your data is complete, accurate and ready for listings. There is also built in reporting to bring further meaning to your data.

The Optime Support Centre is your portal to gain fast technical assistance from our team. You also have access to our self-help knowledge base covering topics such as getting started and FAQs.

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