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Optime Suite

Use Optime apps individually or combine for your ideal workflow


One platform, powering extensive planning, optimisation and scheduling applications

Key functions

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Single Login

All Optime applications are fully integrated, allowing the same user to access multiple Optime applications via a single account, utilising Single Sign-On.

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User Permissions

User accounts can be configured to provide differing levels of permission dependent on each application being accessed.

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Access From Multiple Devices

Users have the flexibility to use Optime apps with multiple devices of varying screen size, such as smart phones, tablets or laptops. User preference and configuration settings are maintained even when moving between different devices.

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Shared Interface

All Optime apps have a shared interface with similar style and behaviour. This gives a consistent feel when moving between applications and makes the whole suite easier for users to find their way around, providing a more intuitive experience.   

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App Switching

Users can quickly switch back and forward between Optime applications via the user interface with a single click. Alternatively, each application can be accessed via multiple browser tabs.


Optime Scheduling Engine

The Scheduling Engine powering the Optime applications provides the core intelligence and time / resource allocation capability. Producing lightning fast optimal schedule solutions based on input requirements and preferences. The engine is used to generate high-volume large scale fully-automated solutions, as well as provide immediate user decision-support feedback for manual scheduling operations.

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Optime App Shared Data

The Optime applications share common data such as resources, users, settings as appropriate, avoiding duplication of data and allowing for fast on-boarding of applications as the customer builds and customises their suite of applications to suit their roll-out of scheduling capabilities across the organisation.

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Cloud-Based Web Application

Easily distributable cloud based web application reduces the load on your local network infrastructure and support team.

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From the general user interface to complex scheduling processes and high-volume usage, the system utilises in-built caching and elastic scaling to ensure a consistently reactive experience for the end-user.


End-to-end encryption is employed for all data traffic and personal account security, including full GDPR compliance.

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Interfacing and API

Optime’s flexible Application Programming Interface (API), allows the timetable to be interfaced with other applications or hardware. These capabilities are extensive and fully documented.

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EventMAP's timetabling software has helped Oxford University's Department of Engineering to improve the quality of our timetables and book rooms more effectively.

Nathan Jones
Digital Development and Web Officer, Department of Engineering Science, Oxford University
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