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Who We Are

Learn about our background vision and approach.

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Our Background

Strongly rooted in research, we embrace innovation within all aspects of development and growth. We consider this the key to maximising value to clients and partners while creating an exciting and diverse modern working environment.
Originating as a spin out company from two leading global Universities, EventMAP initially grew from innovative planning and scheduling optimisation research based projects. Research and development remains a central theme underpinning our ongoing growth strategy.

This heritage provides our team with a first-hand perspective and motivation to develop and implement innovative research informed solutions that deliver continued improvement and value for our clients.
We are eager to listen and adopt new ideas as we enhance our products and company environment. Our customers' needs become our priorities as we grow within a socially conscious and sustainable environment.

Our growth strategy is based on maximising investment into customers' needs by delivering the most innovative, easy to use, powerful and pleasing software within a knowledgeable and experienced service delivery.

Our Vision

Transforming organisational management and planning though the delivery of sustainable optimised solutions.
We believe organisations can be transformed for the better through effective implementation of modern cloud based software solutions. At the heart of this transformation is the collection, usage, analysis and reporting of organisational data. We strive to create an environment where organisations can understand what is possible within their workplace, workforce and delivery environment.
Our solutions help automate, optimise, visualise and facilitate the organisational decision making process at all levels. With our help, we believe organisations can become better places through the implementation of our solutions and are thus better equipped to deal with modern challenges while delivering flexible enhanced environments to and for all stakeholders.

Our Approach

The EventMAP transformative optimisation diagram
Achieving optimised solutions through transformative optimisation lies at the core of our approach. Our solutions are delivered through a combination of software and service to effectively streamline and automate organisational processes while making best use of available resources.

Based on your customer requirements, our dedicated team create sustainable solutions that are securely implemented within your organisation’s ecosystem.
Solutions can be based on an 'off the shelf' approach or tailored to bespoke requirements and expectations through a dedicated partnering approach.

Whether this be the creation of efficient schedules, timetables and workflows or the identification of most appropriate delivery resource profiles, our solutions ensure flexibility and fairness for all within the overall operational delivery process.
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