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Optime Planner, fast and powerful scenario modelling

Use Planner to quickly create scenario models that simulate real outcomes, with minimal data input. Then compare and analyse the potential impact of the models generated against changes to your costs, people, resources and estate.

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Smart modelling

Planner uses the Optime Scheduling Engine to automatically produce “what if” scenario models within seconds. The models generated are used to compare and analyse various potential impacts to your estate. Providing valuable information to help determine the best working approaches to adopt.

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Extensive scenario and modelling options

Analyse the scale of impact from broad-brush scenario changes to fine-grained rules, preferences and constraint alterations. Model various options across multiple scenarios, such as:

  • Student growth or reduction
  • Staff efficiency
  • Student and staff satisfaction
  • Estate changes
  • Teaching delivery methods

Clear scenario versioning

Planner automatically creates a “base”scenario model, used for analysis of the current situation against further variations of the model. Planner then helps create and store multiple branching versions for model experimentation and comparison.

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Interactive and engaging reporting

Engage stakeholders and executive audiences with Planner’s reporting tools:

  • Quick-look dashboard style comparisons(show changes from base model or between multiple years/scenarios)
  • Highly configurable, tailor to specific areas of interest
  • Detailed reporting for deeper analysis of results

Quick to setup

Get stated within minutes. Planner can setup basic delivery without the need for lots of fine-grained data. If you do have existing sources, Planner is compatible with multiple data structures from common Timetabling and Student Information systems.

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The Optime Support Centre is your portal to gain fast technical assistance from our team. You also have access to our self-help knowledge base covering topics such as getting started and FAQs.

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Planner Development

We are expanding Planner’s functionality. Be part of our partner programme to input ideas and help build future updates based on your priorities and requirements.

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Existing Partners

Our existing partners include; University of Bristol, The University of Edinburgh, University of Exeter,University of South Wales and King's College London.

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The EventMAP team is perennially 'can do' in their upbeat and energetic approach to engagement, and a pleasure to work with.

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