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Total booking management for all your resources

Booker brings all your resource management into one intuitive, fast and feature rich application.

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Manage all your resource bookings in one place

Whatever assets need managing, from desks to meeting rooms, from laptops to pool vehicles – Booker manages them all. Booker is used by a wide variety of business and organisations to manage their individual resource requirements.

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Better bookings with powerful, personalised search

Accessible and information rich search capabilities lead to better booking allocations. For example, quickly find your ideal desk and room booking with results based on location, and filter to other prioritises such as availability, room size, equipment and accessibility requirements. Once you’ve found your best match, click book to reserve immediately.

Room panel displays and digital signage

Install Booker interactive room panels for on-site management of desks and rooms. Gain instant visibility of resource status, information and schedule. Use to walk up and book now or create bookings for later. Booker can also output useful information to lobby and reception digital signage.

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Your automated resource manager

Simplify the difficult, time-consuming aspects of booking management. Establish rules and restrictions to control and automate when and how users can book spaces, and how bookings are approved.Monitor booking trends, identify misuse and restrict users for repeat offences.

Gain value from better utilisation and planning

Configure Booker to operate within your existing space usage policies to provide a coherent experience. Bookers efficient resource management will increase the potential of your space.Boosting opportunities for higher usage, and even open potential to gain networking and commercial value from external users.

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Live data and notifications

Booker's cloud based platform provides convenient access and up-to-date allocation information to staff, such as current meeting room status and desk usage. Notifications can also be configured and synchronised with Google and Outlook calendars.

Import, export and analyse your data

Make effective space management decisions by using data analysis to review resources usage in your organisation. Easy-to-read data visualisations give clear insights to help you optimise room use and meeting activity. Booker’s API allows system integrators to easily export data and integrate with existing systems.

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The Optime Support Centre is your portal to gain fast technical assistance from our team. You also have access to our self-help knowledge base covering topics such as getting started and FAQs.

Use case examples
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Organisations use Booker to manage their shared workspace such as meeting rooms and hot desks. Booker also helps keep track of company owned equipment such as laptops and phones.

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University and College Courses

In educational environments Booker is used to manage lecture room and learning space occupation. Learning equipment can also be tracked to check availability and status.

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Booker is used to help healthcare environments manage their clinical space, such as waiting rooms and breakout areas. It is also used to manage rooms and desks in hybrid working and training environments.

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Parking and Carpooling

Use Booker to help run a smooth and fair parking and carpooling operation. Monitor carpark occupancy and automate the allocation of spaces or vehicles, ensuring optimum use of your space and resources.

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The flexibility offered by Timetabler and Exam has enabled us to improve our student experience in that area.

Anne Miller
Registrar, University of Buckingham
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