Effective Management of your delivery, people, resource and assets though implementation of the Optime Suite.

All our solutions are either underpinned or assisted by our innovative software, the Optime Suite. When used as part of service solution delivery, this can also be engaged post delivery to ensure realised change is measurable and sustained longer term.


Our Optime Suite provides tools to support organisational aspiration and goals. Whatever the focus of the change or facilitating service delivery, the usage of the Optime Suite allows organisation to prepare for a better way of managing all aspects of delivery, people and resource.


Our Optime Suite embeds leading edge research techniques within organisation processes ensuring 'best of bred' approaches are employed within an innovative transformed context. Born out of innovation, EventMAP ensures research and development is enshrined within all aspects of our software offerings.


The Optime Suite allows for efficiencies to be identified, implemented and safeguarded within an organisations operational capabilities. In addition, good practice from other similar institutions across sectors are modelled and considered to further enhance the productive smooth running of all aspects of the institution.


Change is initially identified and delivered through usage of the Optime Suite as part of a managed implementation plan. Post implementation, that same change is evaluated, sustained and reinforced with established good practice and usage policies. Through usage of the Optime Suite, institutions can be sure newly identified efficiencies will continue to deliver value add in the future.

The consultancy advice, learning and support provided by the EventMAP team has been invaluable.

Ian Gould-Jones
Timetable and Assessment Manager, Liverpool John Moores University
Success Story