OSC Exam: Examination Planning, Scheduling + Management | EventMAP

Turbocharged exam scheduling for real-world users.

Examination scheduling can be a high-pressure and time intensive task, requiring significant administrative resource – and in this competitive age it’s crucial that student and invigilator needs are met through optimal schedules and seating plan arrangements. Exam is a complete examination management and planning environment, that offers examination autoscheduling using EventMAP’s cutting-edge AI-based OPTIME™ scheduling engine, to achieve fast, flexible and accurate solutions. It's been designed to drastically reduce to the manual workload involved within the entire timetabling process – making preference gathering, planning, allocation, and schedule distribution intuitive and straightforward.

A visually rich planning and scheduling environment

Exam has been designed to make the scheduling process as intuitive and as straightforward as possible. Complete with clash notifications, scheduling advice and multiple schedule views, Exam is easy to use for new and experienced exam timetablers alike.

Intelligent autoscheduling and customisable constraints.

Exam can quickly and efficiently find scheduling solutions for all exams based on a large, customisable constraint library that can be set to address high and fine grain rules.

Straightforward invigilation management.

The alternative arrangements editor allows users to assign special exam requirements, such as extra time, different start times, rest breaks and separate rooms to individual students. It will also create alerts for conflicts with other requirements for students, exams and rooms.

Student and invigilator notifications and user friendly timetable publishing.

Exam’s notification capabilities mean staff and invigilators are automatically informed of schedules and updates, reducing administrative workloads. Timetables and attendance registers can also be exported and published in a variety of user-friendly formats.

Effortless seat planning and allocation.

Exam features a visual seating plan editor, which allows you to edit student placements and exams within rooms. You can adjust room layouts and entrance points, activate or disable seats and assign specific students to specific seats.

Powerful reporting and insights.

Exam has a highly customisable and complex library of reports that gives timetablers powerful insights into schedule quality, room occupancy and attendance.