REMAP resource evaluation, management and planning | EventMAP

Maximise the efficiency of your existing resources.

One part consultancy, one part data modelling and one part analysis – REMAP is a unique service that gives you an overview of your current resources, expert advice on how to optimise their use and the modelling tools necessary to bring them in line with your strategic objectives.

Develop a resource model that will help you fulfill your strategic objectives.

REMAP takes a holistic approach in building your custom model. We analyse data, knowledge and experience from all aspects of your institution. The areas the process covers are:

  • Key Resource Indicators

  • Data completeness

  • Linkages

  • Space Utilisation

  • Curriculum Delivery Profile

  • Staff Workload

  • Student Experience

Data Gathering and Quality Analysis

We will undergo a full data gathering exercise, working with the various departments in your institution to build a complete dataset of all of the areas you wish to analyse.

Space Analysis and Profiling

We analyse your overall space, making a profile model of your estate in conjunction with your timetabled data – preparing metrics on teaching, informal learning, staff accommodation and research.

Stakeholder Workshops

Workshops with key stakeholders are held to determine pain points and gain qualitative insights into any problem areas that may need further investigation.

Benchmarking Space Performance

We benchchmark current space performance against industry and commercial standards.

Timetable Data Analysis

A high level overview of clashing, available resource profiles, delivery challenges such as inter-disciplinary study or complex grouping structures.

Final Report Recommendations

Once your data is complete, we can provided with a full analysis on your current resource landscape.

Scheduling Best Practice Analysis

Meetings with your timetabling team to review and recommend tailored approaches to improve their scheduling strategy and avoid future pitfalls in timetable construction.

Request custom reports from our analysts, or bring your data model in house.

Once your data model is built and your initial set of objectives modelled, you will receive a custom report pack outlining the results. You data model can be saved and stored by us and we can model future scenarios on your behalf. Or, if you'd like to take control over your model – we can install it in-house for you, giving you control over the scenarios you run.