SPACEMAP space profiling, management and planning | EventMAP

Plan and model the most effective use of your physical resources.

Eventmap can help you analyse and understand current and new physical resource use and model optimal utilisation strategies for teaching and non-teaching spaces. With SPACEMAP you can determine new space requirements and configurations, or how to reduce the cost of underutilised or sub-optimally configured resources.

We will work collaboratively with you to design a solution that fits your overall strategy.

We employ a team of internationally recognised space profiling experts who utilise a proven methodology for ensuring that you get the most effective solution for balancing curriculum design, staff work patterns, student numbers and potential changes against the cost of your current or planned estate.

Model and benchmark your space needs against your pedagogical needs.

Eventmap takes an integrated approach when modelling your space needs against your greater resource and scheduling requirements. RESOURCE and EVENT functionality is used to create an analysis of key resource usage drivers and an institution-wide resource model, ensuring that any decisions you make will meet the needs of every aspect of your operational strategy.

Your Schedule of Accommodation can be delivered as a report or as a live data model.

Every client has different needs for the ongoing and future use of a space profiling exercise. We can deliver our findings either in the form of a report or as a live data model which can be used to generate future planning scenarios, if required. The live data model will be stored in-house, and the Eventmap team can model and produce further scenarios and reports, or alternatively, the live data model can be deployed in-house and your team trained to model further scenarios independently.