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EventMAP’s inaugural Estate Planning forum meeting hosted at the University of Cambridge

EventMAP announces the creation and the inaugural meeting of the Strategic Estate Planning forum

May 16, 2024

EventMAP, a leader in strategic planning software enhanced with AI techniques, will be holding its first knowledge share session at the University of Cambridge. The event, scheduled for Thursday, 23rd May, will focus on best practices and emerging issues in intelligent strategic estate planning.

Why is this important?

Intelligent strategic estate management is essential for organisations to effectively manage, preserve, and utilise their physical assets, including buildings and properties. By carefully planning and managing their estate, organisations can optimise the use of their facilities, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure that their estate infrastructure supports their educational mission.

Strategic estate management also allows organisations to plan for future growth, make informed decisions about renovations and new construction, and create a safe, welcoming, and functional environment for users of the estate. Whether it's through facilities master planning, asset management strategies, or sustainable development initiatives, intelligent strategic estate management enables organisations to maximize the value of their physical assets and support their long-term success and sustainability.

What will the forum cover?

The session aims to establish a general forum for strategic planning professionals, with the intention of hosting a series of meetings in the future. Representatives from various sectors, including the University, Policing, Defence, Private, and Health sectors, along with key specialists and members of the EventMAP team, will be in attendance. Membership of the forum and attendance is by invitation only.

This session is an opportunity for participants to share their expertise and insights, shaping the direction and future content of the forum. If you would like to be informed of forthcoming such events, feel free to contact us directly.

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