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International Management Institute (IMI), Switzerland, Purchase Optime Timetabler to Manage their Curriculum

International Management Institute (IMI) licence Optime Timetabler to replace their unsupported MIMOSA software, and manage their curriculum.

May 5, 2021

We are pleased to announce that IMI a Swiss, family-owned, hospitality management institute have purchased Optime Timetabler.

The Institute has over three decades of providing the highest level of hospitality education to its students, and providing a well-managed course timetable is critical to continued high levels of delivery.

IMI needed to find a flexible and powerful timetabling solution to manage their curriculum. They had been struggling for a while in trying to access support for a Finnish based solution MIMOSA. As they were unable to obtain support, they decided it was time to find a solution that could be fully supported. EventMAP’s cloud-based offering was ideally suited to their requirement, and because of Timetabler’s cloud distribution capability they took the decision to licence the solution to manage their curriculum. They had just one concern, they were uncertain about migrating their previous schedules and data from their now redundant timetabling application, so they asked if we could help. The process was simple, they exported their data from MIMOSA, and populated Timetabler using our import template. With a little help from us they were quickly up and live. Now they could hit the ground running!

At EventMAP we had not come across the MIMOSA solution previously, so this was a good opportunity to see how easy it was to migrate to Optime Timetabler. We can report, that we are well equipped to assist users of MIMOSA to seamlessly migrate from their legacy solution to Timetabler. The result for IMI is that now they have a modern, powerful, and fully supported timetabling application. We are pleased to welcome the International Management Institute to our family of software users.

If you would like to know more about Optime Timetabler, check out our website, or alternatively contact us by filling in our online contact form and we can arrange a free software demonstration.


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