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Major International University engages EventMAP team to undertake New Campus Review

BRAC University is turning to EventMAP to advise on how innovations in teaching and learning delivery can be accommodated within their new campus, as well as assessing the impact of emerging areas of study.

March 5, 2021

We are delighted to announce an exciting new engagement with BRAC University in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  EventMAP have been retained to review and advise on the University’s New Campus project, ensuring that the planned 158,000 m2 building supports an ambitious growth plan while continuing to deliver an exemplary international education environment for students and staff.

BRAC University is one of the leading universities in Bangladesh with over 11,300 current student enrolments.  The University’s vision in supporting the economic and social development of Bangladesh is to grow these numbers to over 20,000.  The current buildings would not support this growth, nor are they able to significantly increase the engagement of students with the campus.

WOHA, the award-winning Singapore based architectural practice was asked to design BRAC University’s new campus by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed (founder of the university and BRAC – the largest NGO in the world).  The design brief outlined a world class modern campus and an architectural icon for the country, in a small urban site of slightly above 5 acres.  The New Campus is due for occupation in 2023.

EventMAP have been asked to review the proposed functional allocations and advise on the optimal student population that the new campus will support.  The University is keen to understand the balance between increasing student numbers whilst retaining student engagement and satisfaction.  Further, the EventMAP team has been tasked with identifying specific strategies that will deliver optimal teaching space utilisation in line with the curriculum delivery.

BRAC University is turning to EventMAP to advise on how innovations in teaching and learning delivery can be accommodated within the new campus as well as assessing the impact of emerging areas of study that have not been identified in the original design brief.

The EventMAP team will bring considerable expertise in linking curriculum delivery with the type and amount of learning space required. This includes constructing interactive infrastructure models for facilitating a range of scenarios and provide confidence in how planned spaces will deliver strategic goals and objectives.  In doing so we will engage a range of the OPTIME suite of tools, specifically Audit, Timetabler and Planner to allow us to objectively review the New Campus development, advising any required modifications to functional space allocations that optimise student numbers and a quality student learning experience.

We are delighted to welcome BRAC University to our client base.  The University’s requirements mirror others who have sought to better understand the connection between the physical infrastructure and the student learning experience.

Two such projects were the validation of the Design Brief for the United Arab Emirates University campus in Al Ain and the review of the proposed teaching space profile for the University of Lancaster’s refurbishment of the Kelloggs Building in Old Trafford accommodating the new UA92 consortium.

Like the BRAC University project, these are examples of where EventMAP have engaged innovative micro and macro planning tools to link curriculum delivery with required spaces.

Both these projects illustrate the benefits in the EventMAP planning approach.  The use of micro planning information to inform the detailed space projection modelling gives a rich, and data driven, analysis of the type and amount of space required for future needs.  Though scenario modelling, we generated a space profile that balanced the supply and demand factors for space use.  The micro planning provided confidence that future activities can be successfully accommodated within the proposed space profile.


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