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Optime Booker At Your Door

August 2, 2021

EventMAP’s Room and Resource Booking solution, Optime Booker, is a highly flexible solution that supports the operation of any establishment, be it large or small. Booker helps you to make efficient use of different types of room and workspace, such as meeting rooms, classrooms, training rooms, clinic rooms, laboratories, and hot desks, etc.

Booker comes with the option of its own display panel software to provide ‘walk-up and book’ capability for your rooms. The software is easy and intuitive to use, and runs on any hardware that supports popular web-browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Safari.

We are often asked about setting up room panel display hardware, particularly to run the browser in kiosk mode (this prevents users from browsing away from the intended room panel software). Different browsers have different methods, this can vary in security, which in turn can make them susceptible to tampering.

Our hardware partners at Spectra Displays have come up with a genius solution for this. They have developed a simple but effective application for their commercial panel displays, that launches a predetermined website in kiosk mode when the display panel boots up. To access the application to make configuration changes, you must go through a security layer. Then, to get further down to the panel’s operating system, an additional layer must also be passed. This provides a high level of security.

The benefit of this collaboration between EventMAP and Spectra, is that once the device is configured it becomes a closed system, and requires little or no maintenance. Its sole purpose is to render a dedicated room booking webpage. Furthermore, this also means there is no need for an expensive central management system to maintain a native application, and the device can be left to run for years.

Chris Thornhill, Lead consultant at EventMAP says: “This collaboration between EventMAP and Spectra allows us to provide an affordable, high-quality booking tool, via display screens to organisations large and small. The great thing is, that we accomplish this at a fraction of the cost of other propriety solutions, for the end user.”

Visit our Booker page to find out how Booker can support your business and request a free demo.

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