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Optime Prospect – Introducing innovation to assist universities in managing international student recruitment

August 1, 2022

The recruitment of international students is a complex area.

International offices work hard to attract, recruit, and retain good calibre international candidates to courses of study at their institution.  A significant part of this process involves extensive record keeping, as well as data capture of the individuals, who either engage directly with the institutions, or are engaged by agents.

There are a range of stages to this process, from initial information capture, through to review, and internal referral to academic colleagues, as part of the overall selection process. There is also the distribution of subsequent letters and contracts to study and decline unsuitable applicants. This whole process needs to be documented, and records retained and maintained.  This is further complicated as these processes touch a range of areas within the organisation, whether by the prospect, and/or the agent. Record maintenance incorporates a range of processes, both institutional and statutory. Records needs to be accurately maintained, and any issues flagged before progressing any prospect to the enrolment stage within the institution. As institutions grow, the scale and complexity of the work undertaken by international offices consequently expands.

Cliona Campbell, Director of International Affairs, and Zoe Rafferty Administrator of the International Office at TUS, both said “Prospect has completely changed how we process applications from both students and agents alike. Having a user-friendly system that funnels them into one location where they can be easily managed throughout the application process has significantly improved our efficiency across all five campuses”.

We at EventMAP were recently approached to develop a solution to assist in this processes. As a result of this collaboration with the Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest (TUS), we developed a solution called Prospect. This tool is specifically designed to assist University and College International offices. It is a fit for purpose, cloud based, user friendly and intuitive solution. If you would like to know more about our work, and Optime Prospect, please email us at We will gladly discuss your current international student recruitment process, and how Prospect can help you.

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