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October 5, 2022

Since we last undertook a revamp of our website, EventMAP and the world of technology have undergone major changes.

  • Updated website building tools have been developed
  • The way people interact with websites has changed
  • We at EventMAP have expanded our products and services into many sectors and industries.

When EventMAP initially began developing the artificial intelligence in Optime, it was seen as a way of enhancing the planning of university teaching schedules. But as Optime evolved, its sophistication found uses in a wide range of fields. Not only curriculum and estate management in teaching environments, but also planning and modelling in a wide variety of differing specialisms.

As the 21st century has progressed, many issues that were not identified at the close of the last century have become critical components in modern working and teaching environments. These affect a range of sectors from healthcare, education, through to policing and defence.

To illustrate these changes, during the pre-pandemic period, many work environments were examining ways of reducing their overall estate costs by either reducing their built estate or ensuring most effective use of it. Since the pandemic however, many of these concerns have been modified to examine ways of adapting workspaces, for example, to:

  • Make working environments more inclusive
  • Reduce overall carbon footprint
  • Improve the efficiency of production processes
  • Accommodate more flexible ways of working

These areas, and many more besides, need to be planned and modelled whilst still ensuring best use of occupied space.

Optime and its associated applications and services now have an important role in all of these areas, as many industry sectors engage in a process of transformation to meet these new challenges.

When our current website was originally developed not all of these areas were included, and although they were added to the existing framework it was less than ideal. We therefore embarked on a project to completely re-write our website.

Although websites are never finished, we have now gone live with it. We would like to encourage you to be a frequent visitor and discover its new features for yourself.

It is our hope that you will enjoy the new format. We have designed it to better reflect the range of products and services we offer, and to make it easier to find the information you need. We will also continue to use the website as a forum to post interesting news and industry insights that may be of interest to you. So keep visiting us, and we hope you enjoy the work we have done…

The EventMAP Team


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