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EVENT is a complete planning and modelling environment, giving you the power to automate, optimise and measure the quality and management of your course delivery. It has been designed in conjunction with real-world users from higher education, further education and training institutions to offer flexible and robust features within a user-friendly scheduling experience.


EVENT integrates all aspects of timetable resource, planning and management within educational institutions – including lecture and room scheduling, non-curricular event scheduling, constraint modelling and reporting, and scenario planning.

Lightning fast autoscheduling with industry-leading algorithms

EVENT uses the OPTIME Scheduling Engine to power its autoscheduling functions. It can provide higher quality, more flexible results than competing packages, even when working from limited resources.

A flexible, user-friendly interface

EVENT contains fully interactive modelling grids, which show the most relevant and immediately useful information simultaneously. The interface is designed to support decision-making, allowing the user to filter views by staff, students, rooms and events. Dynamic event cells display relevant information quickly and easily, and sub-grids allow users to view further information about selections on the main grid.

Constraint settings that allow you to easily incorporate your preferences

EVENT has the ability to set constraints on both global and local levels, giving users significant control over event scheduling and resource allocation. Global constraints allow users to construct avoid dates, determine clash matrix settings and model room fitting strategies. EVENT’s local constraints allow users to specify a set of both simple and complex rules – including declaring staff work patterns and availability, room preferences and travel time, an event’s ability to split resources and event timeslot preferences. These can be created as both HARD and SOFT constraints, where the user can pre-determine the penalty for violating rules.

Scenario plan with ultimate flexibility

EVENT is designed to handle the most complex scenario modelling requirements, giving users the ability to plan room fitting strategies based on best fit, largest room, least cost; define default number of rooms and required staff per room; and schedule all events, selected events or only unscheduled events.

Plan and trial timetables with locked events and selective scheduling

EVENT’s selective scheduling and event locking features allow users to selectively choose which events they would like to auto-schedule, and lock down specific resources in events such as time, room, or staff member. Trialling how these modifications might impact on the greater schedule by seeing the effects of multiple scenarios is straightforward.

Make faster, better choices with the resource finder and scheduling adviser

EVENT’s scheduling advice tools allow users to easily see which weeks of an event do and do not have rooms and/or staff allocated. Allocations can be added for specific weeks and existing allocations can be replaced or appended. Resources can also be filtered by a wide variety of options and users can search results in real-time based on the remaining unallocated weeks for both staff and rooms.

Work collaboratively in a multi-user environment, offline and online

EVENT allows scheduling teams to work either alone or collaboratively within a multi-user environment, making changes to timetables before publishing to other users or institution-wide.

Set, benchmark and measure your institution's timetable quality measures.

EVENT allows you to manage quality by setting and measuring targets for maximum number of hours per day, rest periods, room utilisation, activity spreads and much more. These can be used in the scenario generation process, allowing for continuous improvement.

The benefits of EVENT

Create better timetables

EVENT's leading-edge algorithms and deployment-proven techniques ensure the best possible timetables.

Work more flexibly

EVENT enables the creation of a more flexible, quality educational environment.

Get a clearer overview

EVENT's fast scenario planning allows for an enhanced understanding of the impact of change in your institution.

Save time

EVENT’s intuitive, interactive environment will provide a reduction in timetable preparation times.

Improve working relationships

EVENT’s user-friendly multi-user environment promotes good working relationships.

Better resource usage

The increase in curricular flexibility will allow students and staff to make best use of rooms.