EXAM: powerful exam scheduling software | EventMAP

Examination scheduling can be a high-pressure and time intensive task, requiring significant administrative resource. In this competitive age, it’s crucial that invigilator and student needs are met through optimal schedules and seating plan arrangements.


EXAM is a powerful examination scheduling tool with features designed to work with you, not just for you. We’ve collaborated with exam timetablers for 15 years to create a user-friendly scheduling environment that gives you the functionality you need to get the job done perfectly, every time.

High quality autoscheduling in minutes

EXAM harnesses the power of the OPTIME Scheduling Engine, making its autoscheduling incredibly fast and efficient – not only saving you preparation time, but massively improving the quality of your timetables.

Dynamic grid cells with status feedback

EXAM’s scheduling view features dynamic information cells for a fast overview of your current schedule. Cells display scheduling information and icons highlighting inter-relationships, scheduling conflicts and exam conflicts, so that you have an instant overview of your schedule, potential conflicts and constraint violations.

Easily customisable constraints

EXAM’s fully customisable constraints make defining precise scheduling requirements easy. EXAM features easily adjustable global and individual constraints. These allow users to control two in a row and two in a day preferences for students, period priorities, room splits, exam spreads, and room fitting strategies.

Seat planning and easy allocation

EXAM features a visual seating plan editor, which allows you to edit student placements and exams within rooms. You can adjust room layouts and entrance points, activate or disable seats and assign specific students to specific seats.

Alternative arrangements for students

The alternative arrangements editor allows users to assign special exam requirements, such as extra time, different start times, rest breaks and separate rooms to individual students. It will also alert you of conflicts with other requirements for students, exams and rooms.

Straightforward invigilation management

EXAM allows you to efficiently roster staff and invigilators during the examination period. Staff responsibilities and time availabilities can be modelled and attached to your examination timetables.

The benefits of EXAM

Dramatic time savings

EXAM offloads the time intensive task of manually scheduling examinations and checking conflicts with other exams.

Efficient modelling and resource usage

EXAM can work with very limited time and room resources and still produce high quality student-centred timetables.

High quality needs-focused timetables

EXAM will also try to reduce the pressure on students by maintaining study time between examinations without compromising other constraints.

Customised workflows to make scheduling more straightforward

EXAM features an intuitive user interface that allows manual adjustments to be made to the timetable at any time.