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Ghana here we come


See you soon, Lancaster University Ghana!

Michael Alexander, a senior engineer at EventMAP delivers some exciting news regarding EventMAP’s emerging products.

Lancaster University have always been early adopters when it comes to our cutting edge technology here at EventMAP.
Their opinions and suggestions have had significant impact on shaping key features of our research and development projects. They get excited about newer, better technology and user experience, and we love that!

One of our most exciting up and coming products here at EventMAP is Event 2, our next generation of course scheduling and management software.  One of its major benefits is the fact that it is cloud based, meaning no costly installation of software or maintenance of servers.  You just log in, upload your data and start working.  That’s a couple of less things for your IT team to worry about!

LU Ghana, Lancaster University’s branch campus in Accra, is set up to be among the first users of Event 2.  This August, I’m excited to be travelling there to introduce Event 2.  I’ll be providing training and support, as well as working closely with the LU Ghana staff to produce their course schedule for 2016/2017.

The Ghana visit will be mutually beneficial, with huge opportunities for the continued development of our cloud software.  I will be getting first-hand experience of people using Event 2, and I can bring the insights I gain here back to Belfast to improve the user experience we provide not just in continuing development of Event 2, but across all our products.

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