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Audit deployed into Imperial College London


AUDIT is an exciting new product that’s been in development at Eventmap HQ for quite a while now. Positioned underneath RESOURCE in our product offerings, it has been designed as a user-friendly way for universities and colleges to gather audit information on space and usage and translate this easily into highly visual management information data. It’s a tool that we envisage being used to inform management-level planning, budgeting and strategy with a level of empirical precision that was previously difficult to attain – but which can provide colleges with a useful competitive advantage.

Designed with utility and practicality in mind, AUDIT is designed to run in a browser on a tablet – meaning that data can be collected and collated in real time around a campus. Its dynamic reporting tools allow users to chart and compare predicted space usage against observed usage and quickly compile a complete audit overview that’s presented in an easily digestible, management-friendly way.

We’re expecting a lot of interest from the university sector – and beyond – for this product and we’re happy to reveal that it’s already been deployed by Imperial College London. They’re currently using Audit with a team of four auditors armed with tablets within the college. Their initial audit runs until the end of November and we look forward to seeing how well the AUDIT performed for them.

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Image: Amanda Slater (CC BY-SA 2.0)