EventMAP land CNWL training optimisation project. | EventMAP

EventMAP land significant training optimisation project for the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.


Following on from our King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust announcement at the end of May, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve just been awarded a similar project for the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL).

CNWL is one of the UK’s largest healthcare trusts, with approximately 7,000 staff providing healthcare to a third of London’s population and across wider geographical areas, including Milton Keynes, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire.

This engagement will analyse the trust’s current training space, its usage and overall future requirements, following a move from existing facilities into a newly-developed, but smaller, headquarters building in London.

Our work – using our proprietary analysis techniques and software tools – will determine how much and what type of training space is required to continue the Trust’s quality level of training provision, but in a much more efficient way.

Once again, we think this will be a further demonstration of how just how relevant EventMAP’s long experience with optimisation is proving in the public sector – at a time where large organisations like NHS Trusts are coming under massive pressures to cut costs while maintaining service quality.

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