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EventMAP partners with the University of Cambridge for new room-booking project.


Hot on the heels of a string of recent new announcements, we’re excited to announce an innovative new partnership with the University of Cambridge.

The University of Cambridge had been looking at build options for their new campus-wide room booking project. With their own extensive experience of user-centred design within their Information Services department, they had been trialling a prototype system within two departments on their extensive Sidgwick site.

As is common with most large universities, Cambridge’s complex requirements eventually presented a question of ‘buy vs build’: taking the route of licensing an off-the-shelf room booking system and hoping that it was flexible enough to provide a good fit for requirements, or taking the expensive, time-consuming option of building a bespoke system from scratch.

Thanks to the flexible, modular nature of EventMAP’s underlying technology, we were able to present Cambridge with a third option – that of building our OPTIME tools into their bespoke front end to create a tool that, in every respect, is the best of both worlds: a perfect fit for requirements, using some of the world’s most advanced scheduling and optimisation algorithms to create an elegant, efficient cloud-based room booking system for the entire University.

The relationship represents a long term agreement where the University and EventMAP will work closely together in the production of a unique development that will revolutionise how Cambridge considers and manages its space. What’s really interesting for us as a company is that we feel this relationship represents a completely new type of service delivery partnership to the academic sector.

We’ll update as this project progresses.

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Image: James Bowe (CCby2.0)