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EventMAP User Symposium: It’s good to talk


Our user base for Optime Academic software (and our numbers of academic consultancy clients) grows every year and is now comprised of a substantial number of universities and colleges in most corners of the world.

It had occurred to us recently that we’d never actually sat them all down together in one place to talk with us – or each other. And as mixing it up and bouncing ideas is such a great way of sharing experiences, workflows and implementations, we though it was high time we made it happen.

So, here it is: the first of what will hopefully be the first of a regular series of get-togethers. On February 28th 2014 we’ll be hosting the inaugural EventMAP User Symposium at Imperial College in London.

We’ve planned a busy day, which will include:

Previews and demonstrations: A preview of the developmental roadmap of our products and hands-on demonstrations of the latest product releases.

Best practice tutorials: A chance to learn more about timetabling and scheduling best practice and how to get the most out of our products – with a series of talks and feedback sessions with Eventmap’s in-house optimisation experts.

Group workshops: The opportunity to share knowledge and insights with other academic Optime users – an invaluable chance to see how other users do things and learn directly from their experiences.

One-on-one staff discussions: A chance to talk directly to the people behind the software and the people directly involved in the day-to-day development of our products. We see this user symposium as a great way for our user base to feed back, engage and shape future product development – and we’re really looking forward to it!

If you didn’t get an invite and would like to attend, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to fit you it.

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