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Imperial success


It’s a process – not just a product! Collaborative working with Imperial pays huge dividends.

Nothing feels better than having a really happy customer – so we’re happy to announce that our work with Imperial College in London has borne fruit and that they’re now live with their implementation of Event as part of our ongoing AUTOMAP consultancy process with them.

The success to date of this project demonstrates the huge potential benefits offered by collaborative, close-working working relationships in deploying our software solutions. While it is possible to simply run products like Event and Exam off-the-shelf, bespoke deployments with ‘hands-on implementation’ allow institutionally-tailored solutions that meet needs exactly rather than approximately. They also let us take care of the ‘heavy lifting’ when it comes to interfacing with existing critical systems, engaging with users, focused training and gathering and reacting to feedback.

With Imperial, the initial results are clear – more efficient, higher-quality timetabling across the College. Immediate benefits for academic and administrative staff include the introduction of easily-managed and flexible timetable structures, the implementation of enhanced space sharing strategies and a level of equable and equitable staff time management that was previously almost impossible. The student body, meanwhile, can look forward to an even higher standard of teaching environment that will further enhance Imperial’s reputation as a seat of learning.

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However, the real test of collaborative working is in how the client institution feels the project has succeeded in its objectives. Here’s what Tudo Scheibner, Business Systems Analyst from Imperial who project managed the AUTOMAP deployment, had to say: “Working collaboratively with Eventmap on our timetabling project has been an enormous success – once our deployment of Event went live at the end of April, it was immediately clear that the new system is far exceeding user expectations. The responsiveness of the EventMAP team in working with us to fine tune everything to our precise requirements has been outstanding and is greatly appreciated not only by myself but (if I can speak on their behalf) by everyone here at Imperial as well.”

Find out more about the benefits of our ‘hands-on’ consultancy and deployment in the Solutions section of the Eventmap site.

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Photo: Amanda Slater (CC BY-SA 2.0)