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EventMAP begins work for King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.


Barely a day goes by without another news story about financial pressures within the National Health Service. Many NHS trusts throughout the UK are currently faced with the seemingly impossible prospect of making their numbers work at a time of ever-increasing service demands and an uncertain funding environment.

So when an organisation can’t simply throw more money at a problem, the solution usually becomes a mixture of service rationalisations – which no-one wants – and efficiency savings. Within something as vastly complex as the NHS, efficiency savings are easier said than done, but by implementing new methods and technologies it’s certainly possible – and we’ve just begun work on a workplace occupancy and utilisation analysis for King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in London, where we’ll demonstrate just what’s possible.

One of the key selling points of what EventMAP do is our ability to help large-scale organisations become more efficient, using a combination of survey, analysis, reporting and review to develop a complete understanding of existing resource use, validation, modelling and scenario planning to develop an understanding of what is possible – and then the implementation of effective tools for scheduling, optimisation and change management.

Our work for King’s College Hospital will use this methodology to analyse a number of buildings within the Trust, concentrating on their use of office space, meeting rooms and training space. Unlike traditional consultancy, our service will not only leave the Trust with a vastly improved understanding of their estate and overall resource usage, it will also give them the tools, over time, necessary to develop an optimal resource model and use this to create tangible efficiency savings.

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Image: KiloCharlieLima (CC BY-SA 4.0)