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King’s College London award EventMAP contract to undertake regular space utilisation surveys


We are pleased to announce that King’s College London (KCL), a leading Russell Group University and part of the golden triangle of research universities, has awarded EventMAP the contract to undertake utilisation surveys across the university’s five campuses.

KCL manage high value estate in prime areas of London. With the university’s ambitious plans driven by the King’s Strategic Vision 2029, there is a need to ensure that this space is being used efficiently to ensure that the aims of that vision can be achieved. With such a busy, dynamic estate, KCL is already experiencing pressure for space, and the university’s aspirations mean that innovative methods need to be identified to ensure that these space pressures are not further exacerbated by the Vision 2029 initiative. It was with this in view that King’s sought to procure the services of a competent supplier to provide space utilisation surveys across the university.

EventMAP has considerable experience in this field, combined with our advanced space modelling and planning expertise and software tools. Understanding how space is utilised, and the factors driving such use, is an initial step in developing methodologies to drive efficiency in space use. Our approach is to work with organisations that provide a real potential for a long-term partnership. We are therefore, excited to partner with KCL on this project.

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Image: Herry Lawford (CC BY 2.0).