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Lancaster University engage EventMAP to improve timetabling efficiency and maximise staff and student experience.


We’re delighted to announce that EventMAP has recently been engaged by Lancaster University to embark on a ten month consultancy and deployment programme using EventMAP’s Resource Evaluation Mapping (REMAP) methodology. Since January, a team of EventMAP consultants have been working with Lancaster’s timetabling staff to explore cost effective, efficient ways to reduce complexity in the university’s timetabling while further enhancing the quality of curriculum delivery and overall staff and student experience.

The EventMAP team will also be looking at both the impact of increasing student numbers within the university on course choices, what additional space will be required to accommodate a specified level of growth and – as a very important factor for Lancaster – how more time for staff research time can be provisioned for within overall efficiency improvements.

The final result of the engagement will be a powerful system that will enable the university to operate their resource provision and timetabling in a highly efficient way, while ensuring that both staff and students enjoy the maximum possible level of flexibility. Watch this space!

Want to find out more about ReMAP? Visit the ReMAP page in Services.

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