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EventMAP near completion of ReMAP project for Loughborough University’s new STEM facility.


EventMAP were engaged last year by Loughborough University to analyse and model curriculum data for their new lab facility which is due to open for teaching in October 2017. The facility is creating a suite of state-of-the-art teaching laboratories which will provide a cross-discipline, multi-functional and dynamic lab environment.

This project, using our ReMAP (Resource Evaluation, Management and Planning) methodology, will enable Loughborough to plan scenarios which will: establish the optimal level of students and activities that can be placed in the new building in the most flexible way possible and explore outcome scenarios to understand effects on student experience; enhance curriculum pedagogy by defining and refining how the availability of space types within the labs can influence curriculum delivery, and; inject flexibility into the scheduling process by refining the use of both fixed and moveable equipment.

The process will help the university to gain a comprehensive overview of how the new space can be used effectively, help influence curriculum delivery, promote innovation through integrated usage and, ultimately, provide a highly efficient new resource that will improve the university’s research output and maximise student experience.

This project has also been a great case study in collaborative working. Our Optime technology provided Loughborough’s timetabling team with a vision of what could be potentially achieved within their new space – they took this and ran with it, developing a working model of a highly optimised timetabling solution. Ultimately, the collaboration will be able to develop a road-map of what potential is achievable/desirable and what processes will need to be put in place to get there.

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