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Have your say at the PATAT Timetabling Practitioners’ Day: 30th August, Vienna


As a longstanding sponsor of PATAT, we’re delighted to be able to plug a genuinely great initiative that’s happening at this year’s PATAT conference at TU Wien in central Vienna.

Since 1995 PATAT has been a leading forum for the international automated timetabling community to discuss the latest advances in research. The event has always been aimed squarely at researchers, but this year PATAT are introducing a new strand to the conference programme that they feel will be of huge benefit to both researchers and the end users of timetabling software within higher education.

PATAT Timetabling Practitioners’ Day is happening in Vienna on Thursday 30th August. The day will give practitioners the chance to sit down with researchers to both learn more about new advances in automated timetabling and how this will improve the quality and efficiency of their work in the future, and share their valuable end-user experience as a way of guiding future research work. If you’re a timetabler within higher education you’ll appreciate how far most timetabling software has improved in recent years, but you’ll probably also have a lot of ideas, observations and practical insights to share – so this event is for you.

The conference organisers see this new forum for debate, discussion and talk as a win–win for everyone involved.

More information and registration details: You can find out more about this year’s PATAT conference at their website. The organisers have created a special one–day registration package just for timetablers to enable them to attend the conference in Vienna just for the Practitioners’ Day. This is available here.