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Timetable. Schedule. Plan. Any cloud, anywhere.

Traditionally, when implementing software solutions for planning, timetabling and space management, universities have had to make a choice made between flexibility and capability. Your choice was a traditional, stuck-at-your-desk enterprise package or a web-based solution that was, shall we say, ‘lightweight’. With Optime Scheduling Cloud from EventMAP that’s all changed. It’s a modular suite of full function, use-anywhere cloud apps built on our industry-leading scheduling engine, offering complete deployment flexibility and levels of usability and performance that are a revelation.

As little or as much power as you need.

Optime Scheduling Cloud is a platform solution, meaning you can tailor your cloud to meet your specific scheduling needs. The six applications available work seamlessly together or separately, offering you a solution with unrivalled flexibility.


Timetabler lets users auto-schedule courses and modules across an entire institution, using our cutting-edge AI-based Optime™ scheduling engine to achieve fast, flexible and accurate solutions. Perform centralised and/or decentralised timetabling. Schedule all resources, including students, staff and rooms. Manage complex constraints with a full range of preference / rule specifications for students, courses / modules and all resources. Perform curriculum or enrolment based modelling. Perform ‘what-if’ scenario modelling. Manage and share your information with full, configurable reporting.


Booker is a fast, efficient and feature-laden room search and booking tool that lets users: filter searches based on preferences and requirements; perform automatic location-based searching; manage recurrent bookings, services and room-linked resources, and specify booking rules and restrictions for staff and students. With built-in notifications and workflow management for stakeholders, Booker is also available with room manager capabilities, displaying up-and-coming room activity via mounted wall displays and kiosks on-site at individual rooms.


EXAM is a powerful examination scheduling tool for autoscheduling exams, students and invigilators. With automatic seating plan allocation and an intuitive visual interface for exam timetables, Exam lets you manage complex constraints with a full range of preference / rule specification for students, courses / modules and all resources. Full reporting capabilities, including mailouts to students and staff, come as standard.


Collect is an innovative new invigilator portal for student attendance monitoring that lets users perform data gathering for invigilator availability and preferences, as well as for individual departments’ exam requirements.


Ceremonies is a unique new tool that lets universities and training institutions perform end-to-end management of graduation ceremonies, taking care of attendee and student ticket allocation management and automatic seat organisation.

Ceremonies is tightly integrated with EventMAP’s Exam package, meaning that all your end-of-year exam planning and timetabling activities can neatly roll right through to graduations – eliminating hours of manual organisation and cross-referencing. Ceremonies lets you cross the line at the end of the year in a much less stressful way.


Audit can provide institutions with practical insights for planning changes and improvements, creating the understanding necessary to develop more efficient timetables, optimise room utilisation and make informed changes or additions to an existing estate. With real-time utilisation survey tools, powerful and insightful reporting capabilities, and easy-to-use heatmap analysis of frequency, occupancy and utilisation, Audit lets institutions comprehensively manage the quality of their resource use.

Cloud-based planning, timetabling and space management – without the compromises.

Optime Scheduling Cloud is a suite of tools that puts you in control, offering a genuinely flexible, user-friendly experience – and unparalleled results. To see for yourself, request a demonstration today.