OSC Audit: Utilisation Surveys, Auditing + Analysis | EventMAP

Utilisation. Analysis. Understanding. Action.

Audit can provide institutions with practical insights for planning changes and improvements, creating the understanding necessary to develop more efficient timetables, optimise room utilisation and make informed changes or additions to an existing estate. With real-time utilisation survey tools, powerful and insightful reporting capabilities, and easy-to-use heatmap analysis of frequency, occupancy and utilisation, Audit lets institutions comprehensively manage the quality of their resource use.

Record and/or import all of your institution’s utilisation data.

Audit allows you to record utilisation data on the ground, and/or import existing data by building, floor and room.

Easily import floorplans and view utilisation data with heatmap overlays.

Audit allows you to import floorplans of your institution and easily assign the relevant utilisation data to those floorplans to view heatmaps of activity. Changes in activity over set periods of time can be viewed quickly with customisable sliders that allow you to scroll through and see changes over days, weeks and months.

View and export reports and graphs of your utilisation data.

Audit makes reporting on utilisation very straight forward. Generated heatmaps are easily exportable and a number of report types can be generated in easy to understand charts and graphs.