OSC Booker: Intelligent Room Booking + Management | EventMAP

User friendly, feature forward and made for management.

Booker is a fast, efficient and feature-laden room search and booking tool that has been designed to make the booking process very straightforward. Booker lets users perform automatic location-based searching, filter searches based on preferences and requirements, manage recurring bookings, services and room-linked resources – and specify booking rules and restrictions.

Powerful, personalised, search.

Available rooms can be quickly identified using Booker’s simple and intuitive search capabilities. Users can search for rooms throughout an organisation’s entire estate, including sites, departments, buildings and zones. Searches can be further specified by room types, dates, times, capacity and equipment requirements.

Automatic location-based searching on the move.

When using mobile or tablet devices, Booker can suggest nearby rooms that are available to book. This geo-convenience feature makes Booker a practical and useful tool for estates of all sizes, layouts and set ups. In addition to the GPS functionality, users can set-up their default or ‘usual’ location, allowing further configuration and search customisation.

Fast and Customisable Recurring Bookings

Users can easily make a recurring booking by searching for room availability over a specified period of time. The search features allow users to specify start and end dates, frequency of the booking (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly) and number of time slots required. Booker will make suggestions based on both partial and complete availability during the requested time span. Equipment and other services can be requested while booking.

Strategic utilisation management has never been easier.

Booker is the ultimate tool for optimising meeting room space. It gives room managers the ability to quickly and efficiently monitor room usage and booking trends, track meeting attendance and analyse usage pattern data, allowing organisations of all sizes to streamline and optimise their provision of real estate. Data collected by Booker allows utilisation to be monitored and measured in terms of rooms, buildings, specific space types and drill down by particular attributes.

Easy booking management for users and room managers.

Users and room managers can easily manage and edit their bookings and booking history. Bookings can be filtered and viewed by several booking statuses. Booker also allows users to create favourite rooms and events, and highlight preferred locations. In addition to standard booking management, Booker has been designed to complement timetabling and scheduling processes by allowing time slots to be locked down to prioritise event scheduling and released if or when unnecessary.

Comprehensive room profiles make room management a dream.

It’s easy for users to browse and determine suitable rooms thanks to Booker’s extensive room profiles. Profile customisation is highly specific, allowing users to search for, sort by and view all of the characteristics of a room. Room profiles can include: names, buildings, sites, space types, and available equipment and more specific information, such as layout, opening hours, address, maps and images. Room ownership information and a room’s associated booking permissions can also be configured.

Specify booking rules and restrictions for rooms and users.

Booker has powerful rules and restriction features. Holidays, access issues, temporary closures, equipment allowances and departmental restrictions can be configured so that users are never shown inappropriate room results. User permissions setting also ensure that custom rules can be put in place for individual users to ensure that delivered search results are tailored to their specific needs.

Onsite displays for rooms and lobbies.

Booker’s interactive room displays have made the challenging task of finding and booking meeting space easy. Touchscreens allow users to quickly see the status of rooms, create new bookings in free rooms and report rooms that are scheduled to be booked but are, in fact, unoccupied. Booker’s lobby display helps staff and visitors identify and find free rooms in any building in addition to finding the particular room their meeting is taking place in.

Powerful reporting and business analytics.

Booker’s powerful real-time reporting features allow you to stay on top of what’s happening in your spaces and harness that data to make more effective space management decisions. Easy-to-read data visualisations give you clear insights and analytics that can help optimise room use and meeting activity. With Booker you can track room utilisation, meeting cancellations, ‘zombie’ meetings, occupancy rates, meeting participants and meeting duration. Booker’s API allows system integrators to easily export data and integrate with other systems already in use within an organisation.