Ceremonies: Graduation Ceremony Scheduling & Management | EventMAP

End the year with less stressful graduations.

Ceremonies is a unique new tool that lets universities and training institutions perform end-to-end management of graduation ceremonies, taking care of attendee and student ticket allocation management and automatic seat organisation. Ceremonies can be tightly integrated with both of EventMAP's Exam products, meaning that all your end-of-year exam planning and timetabling activities can neatly roll right through to graduations – eliminating hours of manual organisation and cross-referencing. Ceremonies lets you cross the line at the end of the year in a much less stressful way.

Create custom ceremony templates, tailored to all of your organsiation's requirements.

Ceremonies allows you to define qualification types, scheme types and graduation sessions at institution-wide and programme level when creating ceremonies.

Automated seat planning and editing.

Ceremonies allows you to define seating orders and arrangements by rows and blocks. It can auto-generate seating plans based on ticket allocations.

Gather ticket requirements and distribute tickets automatically.

Ticketing control makes gathering student requirements for tickets straightforward. Guest numbers can be assigned and tickets automatically dispatched to all students.

Automatic generation of student lists and name cards for presenters.

Ceremonies also supports on-the-ground management of the event by generating name cards and student lists for ceremony hosts and presenters.

Optional integration with Exam to streamline information sharing.

Ceremonies can be used in conjunction with our Exam products. Invigilator preferences and student attendance can be gathered and fed back into Exam to streamline the management process.