OSC Collect: Exam Attendance Monitoring + Preference Gathering | EventMAP

Attendance monitoring and preference gathering made simple.

Collect is an innovative new invigilator portal that helps exam timetablers gather data for invigilator availability and preferences, and individual departments’ exam requirements – all of which can be fed into either EventMAP Exam product to inform the exam scheduling process. Collect’s attendance monitoring features can be used by invigilators during exam sessions to mark attendance – which is directly fed back into Exam to manage qualifications and ceremony information.

Gather departmental exam requirements to inform the scheduling process.

Collect allows timetablers to request departmental requirements for exams – such as room needs, exam running orders, and any time, period or date restrictions. You can also record additional information for examinations including narration and stationery requirements.

Create custom questionnaires to gather invigilator preferences and feedback.

Collect allows timetablers to create and send questionnaires directly to invigilators to improve allocations and increase satisfaction with assigned Exams. Feedback facilities ensure invigilators have access to record insights and preferences to inform future planning.

Collect allows invigilators to record student attendance during examinations and provide any feedback that may be required for each student.

Integration with Exam to streamline information sharing.

Collect is designed to be used in conjunction with both of EventMAP’s Exam products. Invigilator preferences and student attendance can be gathered and fed back into Exam to streamline the management process.