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Timetable. Schedule. Plan. Any cloud, anywhere.

Traditionally, when implementing software solutions for planning, timetabling and space management, organisations have had to make a choice made between flexibility and capability. Your choice was a traditional, stuck-at-your-desk enterprise package or a web-based solution that was, shall we say, ‘lightweight’. With Optime Scheduling Cloud from EventMAP that’s all changed. It’s a modular suite of full function, use-anywhere cloud apps built on our industry-leading scheduling engine, offering complete deployment flexibility and levels of usability and performance that are a revelation.

As little or as much power as you need.

Optime Scheduling Cloud is a platform solution, meaning you can tailor your cloud to meet your specific scheduling needs. The seven applications available work seamlessly together or separately, offering you a solution with unrivalled flexibility.

Optime Scheduling Cloud is incredibly flexible and its modular nature makes it suitable for institutions of all sizes.

Applications in Optime Scheduling Cloud

“Training times are virtually non-existent… you need a little bit of background as to the concept of timetabling and scheduling, but actually the software itself I would say requires virtually no training.”

Ian Denny, Head of Student Registry at Lancaster University.

Lancaster University are currently using Optime Scheduling Cloud on their campuses at Lancaster in the UK, at Accra in Ghana and at Shandong Province in China.