OSC Timetabler TM: Training scheduling & management | EventMAP

Training scheduling & management that means business.

Timetabler TM (Training Management) is capable of planning, managing and delivering automated scheduling and timetabling solutions for training courses within any large-scale organisation. It puts you in control with both bulk scheduling and fine-grain controls to build your optimal schedule. Manage trainer rostering and course scheduling, trainer and room allocation, room booking, training-related staff activities and much more.

Integrate intelligent, AI-powered autoscheduling into your process.

Timetabler TM can quickly and efficiently find scheduling solutions for all training activities, based on a large constraint library of customisable trainer and room preferences.

Keep trainers up-to-date with schedules, requirements and changes.

With Timetabler TM, you can configure user accounts for your institution’s trainers, so that they can log in and view their upcoming work schedule. No more worrying about distributing rotas.

Complete roster management.

Easily define, maintain and schedule your staff’s working hours and allocate annual leave and sick leave. Timetabler TM’s built-in clash checking gives you peace of mind by ensuring trainers aren’t given activities outside their rostered working hours.

Timetabler TM caters to all scheduling styles and needs.

With Timetabler TM you can use a broad stroke to quickly plot whole courses in one action or get fine-grain control by editing individual course event times, room allocations and trainer allocations. You can schedule and allocate entire courses at once by selecting the start date, duration and delivery pattern, edit and re-schedule course events to fine tune rooms, trainers, dates, times and duration, allocate individual trainers and rooms for specific portions of the overall event run time and easily schedule one-off training events using trainer activities.

Track attendance and waste (DNA) to refine your schedule and course planning.

Timetabler TM tracks attendance across all scheduled activity. This ensures that wastage, or over-allocation of places on a course, is kept to a minimum and that demand is satisfied without unnecessary equipment or trainer allocation.

Meetings, room bookings and activity management.

Add room bookings, meetings and trainer activities, and Timetabler TM’s intelligent course scheduling algorithms will ensure that there are no double bookings.

Powerful reporting and business planning.

How well are my rooms being utilised? Are my trainers being over-worked? Leverage Timetabler TM’s reporting engine to gain unparalleled insight into your schedules.