Optime Scheduling Suite: resource modelling + scheduling | EventMAP

The Optime Scheduling Suite has been designed to offer unparalleled resource modelling and scheduling power to large organisations who need to plan and manage complex operations-related scheduling tasks. Optime products can help support more efficient use of space and resources, drive best practice in scheduling and activity planning, and introduce rule-driven automation into administrative practices – reducing intensive manual tasks and streamlining business processes.

The OPTIME™ Scheduling Engine underpins our products, introducing unrivalled, lightning-fast automation capabilities in solving scheduling problems. It can manage a huge number of constraints, while ensuring flexibility and quality are delivered in every solution – even those with tightly restricted resources.

The greatest benefit of Optime products is the enhanced planning capability and support. 'What-if' Scenario modelling allows users to ask questions and trial multiple scenarios related to all types of change around scheduling and allocation planning. Our modelling environment allows you to measure and compare the quality of your solution against tailored quality metrics, giving you full transparency around the impact of your decisions across all aspects of your schedule. Integrated decision support and highly customisable and user-friendly reporting can provide users with the business insights required to continually refine your scheduling practices and strategies.
The Optime Scheduling Suite