PORTAL: room booking + schedule viewing software | EventMAP

HE institutions are coming under constant pressure to maximise their use of time, space and resources and reduce administrative costs. Staff and students are increasingly expecting real-time schedule updates and self-service booking facilities. PORTAL can service all of these needs with room booking, schedule viewing, reporting and data collection features that can help you manage, automate and customise your processes for timetabled and non-timetabled activities – giving you more control over the entire process.


PORTAL is web-based solution, meaning users across your institution can access their schedules and bookings at any time on a variety of electronic devices. Administrative staff can book rooms, manage approvals and invoicing, collect individual staff teaching preferences and run reports. Students and academic staff can also view schedules and book rooms.

Web-based schedule viewing

PORTAL’s schedule view allows users to view real-time updates to timetables and export schedules to third-party calendar clients. They can also print personalised schedules, share links to schedules or search for any schedule in the system by staff, students, rooms, buildings, groups or modules.

Real-time room booking

PORTAL features a real-time room booking system which shows dynamically updated room and resource availability. It can be fully synced with your EVENT timetable – saving you time and extra administrative cost.

Flexible booking for multiple and repeat events

PORTAL allows users to book multiple events under one reservation and assign custom resources and costs for standard and additional services to bookings. Users can also set customised patterns for repeat bookings.

Invitations and automatic schedule updating

Invitations functionality allows administrative users to assign individual staff and students and automatically update their schedules accordingly.

Centralised or de-centralised approvals system

PORTAL includes a sophisticated approvals pipeline and notification system. User permissions are designed so that approval management can be centralised or de-centralised by school or department, depending on your institution’s needs.

Detailed reporting features

PORTAL’s report facilities can run over 40 different report types on a number of key resource indicators such as data completeness, room usage, student quality analysis, staff quality analysis and enrolment analysis – all in real-time.

Customisable data collection

PORTAL gives administrative users complete control over data collection tools, allowing them to add custom questions and gather data – meaning that staff availability and preferences can be seamlessly fed into the timetabling process. Email alerts and due date reminders ensure that timetablers receive the information they need, when they need it.

Customer accounts and invoicing

PORTAL has the capability to support both internal and external customer accounts and can integrate with your current invoicing system. Customer profiles support contact information, multiple contacts per customer, revenue and accounting information.

Pricing templates and grouping rules

PORTAL’s optional pricing feature allows users to create different price lists for different years or copy price lists from year to year. Administrative users can categorise and organise facilities into different groupings, assign the same price to multiple rooms, set hourly and daily rates and assign custom rules for when to apply these rates.

Designed to integrate with your institution

PORTAL is designed to integrate seamlessly with your IT systems and its interface can be easily updated to match your institution’s branding and visual identity.

The benefits of PORTAL

Accurate, pain-free workflows

PORTAL has been designed with a user-centric approach, making it straightforward for timetablers, staff and students to use the system.

Reduced administrative workload, saving time and money

PORTAL has been designed to remove manual administrative tasks wherever possible – resulting in a truly streamlined approach to room-booking process and schedule viewing.

Improved staff and student satisfaction

Easy access to schedules, the ability to input personal preferences through detailed questionnaires, and email updates and reminders give staff and students ongoing personal involvement in creating schedules to suit their requirements.

Enhanced utilisation overview

PORTAL's real-time reporting gives you access to how your schedule is performing across a wide range of KPIs, allowing you to improve and make adjustments continually.