RESOURCE: reporting, modelling + scenario planning software | EventMAP

Efficient management of schedules and resources requires a planning strategy derived from carefully modelled scenarios. Understanding schedule and estate performance across your institution and being able to measure the impact change could have is vital in maintaining quality and generating growth. RESOURCE is a strategic modelling environment that can empower your institution to make the most of its resources.


RESOURCE allows you to set your own quality metrics for student, staff and room utilisation and run any number of reports based on the data in your timetable. It can be used to report on and model existing data, or plan 'what-if' scenarios. RESOURCE comes as standard in EVENT, but can also be used in conjunction with most other major timetabling software packages.

Generate custom reports in minutes

RESOURCE’s interface has been designed to be incredibly straightforward to use, allowing users to select and chart data within minutes. You can also create custom styles – allowing you to generate reports with your institution’s colour scheme and brand identity.

Run reports on all of your current scheduling data

RESOURCE is incredibly flexible. You can create charts based on any of the categories in your data set.

Group and filter the data in your reports

RESOURCE allows you to group your data within customisable categories, allowing you to view top-line data across your entire institution or, similarly, create charts that drill down by school, department, or even individual staff, student or event. RESOURCE makes it easy to compare trends across your institution.

Run even the most-complex ‘what-if’ scenarios

What is really exciting about RESOURCE is that it can be used to model scenarios pro-actively – defining scenarios of what could happen if you made specific changes to your curriculum or your estate and measuring these against fine-grained student, staff and utilisation quality measures.

The benefits of RESOURCE

Communicate your data more effectively

RESOURCE’s reporting capabilities quickly and clearly demonstrate how your current schedule is performing, allowing you to more efficiently communicate and plan across various departments in your institution.

Resource allows you to save time and money

RESOURCE’s fast and powerful modelling features allow you to plan more efficient scenarios, saving you administrative time and introducing the possibility of significant cost savings.