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We partner exclusively with our client Channel 4 in Advertising & Media

EventMAP provides industry-leading optimisation solutions for advertisement scheduling in commercial media. The Optime scheduling engine takes into consideration business constraints, dynamic campaigns, viewer forecasting, and regional differences while scheduling.

As a result, our solutions provide high revenue for our partners and importantly, fair scheduling for advertisement agencies. Since 2018, our solutions have realised over £2.3B of advertising revenue in the UK - which directly funds local media projects and over 1,000 jobs.

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The advertising pipeline is long and involves many disciplines. From ad sales and forecast operations that generate the campaigns to the final schedule broadcast, the Optime engine is the backbone and the most central component that integrates with the entire pipeline. Therefore, in addition to providing expert scheduling solutions, efficient management is also of the same quality - through working closely with our partners. Providing reliability to our partners is the highest priority, as our solutions are our partners' highest priority revenue generators.

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Our solutions underpin the entirety of Channel 4's commercial advertising revenue stream for the last five years - which is responsible for 70% of their revenue. Our engine schedules the entire Channel 4 collective of channels and over 20 UKTV channels across the UK and Ireland. In 2021, Channel 4 achieved record-breaking advertising revenue for the first time since 2014 - totalling £1.2B (up 25% YOY).

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As demographics change, so do the media industry and advertisement agencies. In turn, scheduling practices evolve, which is reflected in our solutions. Working closely with our partners, we predict, plan, research and develop new scheduling practices and algorithms to match evolving business needs. This process requires state-of-the-art systems and industry knowledge - EventMAP is the leader in both.

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EventMAP has transformed the UK advertisement scheduling industry over the past five years. Our partners previously relied on ageing out-of-the-box and on-site scheduling solutions (deployed decades before) that did not cope with modern business practices and demand. EventMAP's bespoke cloud-based engine leverages the latest research for scheduling algorithms and distributed cloud hardware. As a result, it provides scheduling flexibility, quality, and speed unmatched by any other solution.

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