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We deliver solutions to Defence through established key partnerships and relationships. As with all the sectors we serve, understanding the availability and usage of resources is central to future requirements and needs. Discovery, analysis, scenario modelling and reporting allows the introduction of optimised solutions which can deliver significant cost savings and efficiencies.

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Training Transformation

Our solutions represent modern innovative approaches to the scheduling and management of all training activities. New approaches are explored and blended with best practice to ensure optimal asset usage while provisioning a flexible and modern teaching environment for all staff. We have significant experience in providing expertise and solutions to key training delivery programmes across the armed forces.

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Better Resource Usage

Our solutions allow for an understanding of how resource is currently used and, based on existing and potentially new activity, how this usage profile can be increased while providing the most flexible possible working and living environment. This approach has provided significant savings while ensuring all assets and infrastructure is used in the most efficient way possible while accommodating all necessary activity and personnel.

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Relocation Planning

We help plan how increased activity can be accommodated within existing and reduced resource footprint. This is achieved through analyses and modelling of how existing resource can be better used within the delivery of all activity. The Optime Suite is utilised in projecting future space requirements as part of an alternative potential resource and activity delivery profile.

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Providing Specialist Resources

The EventMAP team offer access to resources who specialise in optimisation, data modelling, scheduling and transformation. We have experience and understand major transformational projects ensuring better more flexible optimised environments are delivered while enhancing the overall delivery profile for all stakeholders. We combine software and service to ensure change options are understood and are sustainably embedded within ongoing organisational operations.

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