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Increasing planning, efficiency and satisfaction within education

Through a combination of research and experience, we understand the complex needs within education. From planning and effective management of space and equipment, to timetable creation and delivery, and flexibility for students and staff.

Improving Student and Staff Experience

Analysing current and future educational delivery styles ensuring maximum flexibility and choice for students and staff. Our Optime Suite is capable of ensuring students and staff feel fully connected to all aspects of the educational environment including the physical and virtual estate.

Planning and Introducing Change

Visualising future plans in response to long and short term needs. Developing scenarios to understand impact and cost of change while delivering world leading flexible educational environments. Introducing planned change enabling effective transformation.

Effective Management of Resource

Introducing efficiencies with the management of existing space, equipment, assets, people and workflows. Development of an optimised timetable capable of capturing and delivering these efficiencies while embedding good practice at all operational levels within the organisation. Delivery of effective operations against ongoing governmental and institutional Carbon neutral policies.

Delivering Sustainable Transformation

Though implementation of our Optime Software suite, our experienced staff will work in partnership with you to identify and implement change ensuring transformation is achieved within your required timeline. Through a unique approach and innovative to planning and management, a solution from EventMAP will deliver long term savings while maximising your educational environment in terms of usage, delivery and overall staff and student satisfaction.

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